A Few Things to Know About Your Profile!

We are so excited that you have committed to this journey! There will be lots of moving pieces to help you prepare well, and your profile will be one of the most valuable resources.

Here are some things we need you to handle at the beginning of your preparation process.


1. A Profile Picture

This is just one aspect that helps us get to know you before actually meeting you!

This is where your Adventures profile picture comes in (this is different than the picture on your personal blog).

Here’s what you need to do:
   1. Log onto your Adventures profile
   2. Go to Edit Profile (upper right corner)
   3. Upload a headshot
      – Your photo should be a clear picture of only you from the shoulders up with your face visible

That’s it!


2. Your Passport

One of the most important things you need for your Race is your passport!

If you already do have a passport:

  1. Double check that it is valid for at least six months after the end of your trip. 
          a. If it is, move on to #2. 
          b. If it expires before then, you’ll need to apply to renew it within your first month of commitment.
  2. Make sure you have 1 blank page per country you’re going to.
  3. Take a picture of the page that has your personal information (make sure it’s clear, in good lighting!). Upload it to the Documents tab on your profile. 
  4. Fill out each box underneath your photo upload. (Double-check that your info is accurate!)

From spring2022semesters.adventures.org

If you do not have a passport yet:

  1. Apply within your first month of commitment! Here’s how:
  2. Once your passport arrives, see above (steps 1-4) to upload your info. 


EVERYONE should have extra passport photos for potential visa applications (~2 for Semesters). These do not need to match the picture in your passport. You can get these photos taken at a local pharmacy.


3. Medical Information

In order for us to care for you as best as possible during your time with us, we need some medical information from you.

A few months before your trip, your profile will have a new “Training Camp & Launch” section appear. There will be a medical tab where we will ask you to confirm or update your medical info. 

From spring2022semesters.adventures.org


**Note: it is very important to update this information if anything changes between now and launch. If you receive a new diagnosis, have any sort of surgery, start any new medication, or develop a new allergy, you must update this section and let your Admissions Advisor know.


4. Vaccinations

We get lots of questions about this! Unfortunately, because we are not medical professionals, we are unqualified and unable to officially give recommendations.

BUT, we do have a few great resources to help: 

  1. Center for Disease Control website (www.cdc.gov)
          a. See the Traveler’s Information section. Here, you can select each country you’re going to and it will pull a list of all recommended and/or required vaccines.
          b. You must receive any vaccines listed as required (you need to be able to actually get into the countries on your route!) 
  2. Travel Doctor in your area
          a. They will be able to go through your country list and talk through which vaccines would be best for you to receive
          b. Aside from required vaccines, the decision to receive a particular vaccine is ultimately up to you and your doctor 

On your profile:

Once you have decided which vaccines you are receiving, please fill out the Vaccinations Received box at the bottom of the Medical tab of the “Training Camp & Launch” section of your Adventures profile. If you choose not to receive any vaccines, simply check “no” to complete this section.


As always, let your Advisor know if you have any questions! 

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