Welcome to Semesters!

Welcome to the launch blog!


This launch blog is your inside track to your Semesters Trip as you prepare to be launched onto the international mission field with your squad for 3 months.  Leading up to your launch date we’ll be sharing stuff here that you want and need to know. 

You share this blog with all other Semesters trips launching this semester, so as you read future posts, be sure you are reading info that applies to your specific squad. 


You will want to SUBSCRIBE YOURSELF to this blog!


To do that, simply enter in your email address or phone number in the box under the heading “Subscribe for Updates.” Subscribing to the blog will ensure that you receive up to date and accurate information as soon as it is released and eliminate the need to check back to the site on a regular basis.


You are responsible for reading over all information posted here. 


We’ll be equipping you with some real practical stuff to help you prepare for your experience; travel tips, packing information, how to calm your parents down when they are sure something bad is going to happen, and so much more. We will also post specific travel and logistical details that you won’t want to miss!  

If you ever have any questions about the information posted here, be sure to ask your Admissions Advisor! 

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